Muay Thai-

Muay Thai-

Warriors of the faith (The martial art as lifestyle) is a multi-format project on the ancient art of Muay Thai, which has its origins in Thailand, but now finds strength and membership around the world, especially in Europe.

The idea is to create an interactive web documentary platform through which we explain the history of this art, its involvement in the lifestyle of fighters (Nak Muay) and we trace the course of fifteen boxers, five Thais and five high-level European and five young professionals in their early careers.

Each will be presented through a prortrait as mini-documentary with images of their training process and fights as well as audio interviews, in which they talk about their lives in general, their dreams, their accomplishments, their fears, their integration and participation in community life.

A series of portraits and interviews respond to different questions: How Muay Thai arrived in Europe? What is the relationship with the Thai martial art from a traditional point of view ? What is the ritual approach of European fighters ? How this art evolves today?

Muay Thai is Thailand's national sport, and therefore involves a large number of people. We do not consider here the Muay Thai art as a warrior matter but as an sport and a state of mind .

This close combat martial art was invented by warriors but it includes many rituals and philosophy of life. Although it is considered in Europe and the rest of the world as a pretty violent sport , You'd find when looking from inside that these boxers are not aggressive people because this sport involves strict rules and respect for others from training to combat. And discipline is needed throughout the process involving notions of respect, and to physical and spiritual well-being. It is indeed something that is strongly associated with the Buddhist tradition art .

Beyond a regimented lifestyle , and personal daily efforts , this sport is completely integrated to lifestyle of those who practice it. This is an environment in which everyone tries and pushes its boundaries : whether in the ring , as in everyday life.