This is not a love song

This is not a love song

It is an unwritten love letter to all the people who were able to open their hearts and share some very important moments of their existence.

”This is not a love song” is a series peppered with personal metaphors. I don’t expect people to understand it in a purely cerebral fashion.

My objective is to awake a sensation common to all of us, the shared emotional core of experience that we feel before we rationalize and convert it into a private precinct.

I followed this thread to enlighten my soul after I lost too many people I loved. It is full of pain and joy.

In this series I focused on the tiny details that fuel my life. I am creating these images as stories based on memories of ephemeral moments of sweetness, passion and pain, by using body language as an instrument of expression.

Although I have been using the body in most of my previous works, it is the first time I got myself “naked” and got over my fear of losing control of the image. This is an attempt to speak from my guts.

The aesthetic choices for this series rely on the necessity of getting rid of all the merely polite sympathy contained in the expression “I’m sorry about your loss”, that I heard far too many times.

I am using warm tones and harmonic compositions to add beauty to the images and to seduce the observer.

I expect people to come closer to what they see and feel, instead of just walking by.

Jorge Luis Álvarez Pupo
December 12th 2016