The way beyond

A never-ending search for answers related to my identity and family origin was what served as fuel to work on this series.

A process that included hours of conversation with some of my ancestors who were still alive, as well as years of research from an academic and anthropological perspective, also field work within communities of Haitian origin and other parts of the Caribbean, who came to Cuba indirectly, starting from a common point. West Africa.

The body language during ceremonial dances, just as I create my own imaginary, using the body sometimes accompanied by symbolic elements and visual codes that refer to historical moments, philosophy, ancestral traditions, as well as the fruit of my interpretation on family stories, and also some fables for children that have shaped the way in which certain cultures are given an answer and solution to specific problems.

I construct an universe created out of the rituals of faith used to access the spiritual world, but also highlight key elements within these cultures, many of which have love and respect for nature as well as for their ancestors at their backbone.

I try to link my images in each viewer’s mind to the chain of their own memories and experiences.

The intense Dark tones on my images seek to emphasize my ethnocultural origin as well as hiding what I don’t want to be seen, like secrets that are not to be revealed, as well as the unknown, but also leading the viewer to focus just on very tiny details I want the attention centered.

I have been developing this series over the years, not with the intention of making a statement about what I have learned and I continue to learn about my origins as an individual who forms an insignificant part of a nation and the universe.

The search and conception process is rather a kind of "journey" that has allowed me to begin to understand, accept, adapt as well as respect both who I am and where I come from, in order to better assimilate the unknown.
 The way Beyond 1999.
 Destiny 2011.
 Ear does not go over head ( Oreja no pasa cabeza), 2022
 Maroons spirit 2021.
 Harmony 2021.
 Pride 2021.
 The calling.. Remembering Mackandal 2021.
 ...But you don't know me 2021.
 On the trail of Damballah 2021.
 And one day we become... 2011.
 And I Invoke them.. 2021.
 You're the roots of your own tree 2021.
 Untitled 2011.
 Untitled 2021
 And she told no-one .. 2010.
 Crossroads guardian 2021.
 Unknown 2022.
 Presence 2021.
 Revered 2021.
 In conversation  2018.
 Wisdom 2011.
 Faith 2011.
 Cleansing 2015.
 Holy Grace 2021.
 Reborn 2009.
 Ambiguities 2021.
 Maroons II 2021.
 Resistance 2021.
 Evil Sight 2002.
 Scream 2002.
 Light's never heavy to carry around 2021.
 Family portrait 2021.
 Mwen pral geri tèt mwen.. 2021
 Jíbaro (Wild) 2021.
 Untitled 2003
 Untitled 2003
 Escape 2002.
 Offering 2003.