Warriors of faith

Warriors of faith; The martial art as way of life is a photographic project documenting ancient art of Muay Thaï, which has its origins in Thailand in XVI century, but that’s been spread around the world, especially in Europe. A close combat martial art invented by warriors, which includes many rituals and a philosophy of life where there must coexist discipline, plus a devotion to keep a balance between physical and spiritual well-being.

The starting point that lead me to make the decision to work in a long term project about Muay Thaï, came from the fact that I’ve been raised myself within martial arts culture. I then conceive the idea of creating an interactive web documentary platform through which I’d talk about the history of this art, and the impact that it causes in the life of fighters (Nak Muay).

I’ve started following the trajectory of fifteen boxers from different backgrounds and professional level since two years now; tracing the course of their life and training; that has created a relationship between us, based on confidence which has given me the possibility to hear about their lives in general, as well as dreams, fears and also theirs biggest accomplishments.

Although it’s considered in Europe and the rest of the world as a pretty violent sport, I’ve realized when looking from inside Muay Thaï environment, that these boxers are not at all aggressive people neither inside nor beyond the ring, this sport involves strict rules and respect for others from training to combat. It is indeed something that is strongly associated to Buddhist tradition.

Adopting Muay Thaï as a way of life is far beyond what we see on TV while watching at movies, it’s not only blood and pain. This sport is completely integrated to lifestyle of those who practice it. This is an environment where people go beyond their own limits: whether in the ring, or in everyday life.